Natron is a compositing software which allows you to work your images and image sequences in 32bit and linear workflow with a nodal arborescence.
This software is open source and available on all platforms Windows, Mac and Linux.

Official website :

Natron UI1

Natron UI2

Look at this tutorial to learn more.


Afanasy is an open source renderfarm manager capable of sending Natron jobs. But for that you have to update the both with the lastest versions.

    Update Afanasy (2.0.4) :   

  1. Install Afanasy on Windows (more details here)
  2. Download the "Master" version :
  3. Copie-paste what's inside the master folder in C:\cgru-windows, replace the old files with the new ones.
Now you have a fully updated version of Afanasy with the capability of sending Natron jobs with the afstarter.

Afanasy GitHub

   Update Natron (2.0.0) :  

  1. Download and Install the last version of Natron :
  2. Download the last Snapshot version (expérimental) of Natron :
  3. Replace the whole Natron folder (C:\Programmes\INRIA\Natron) with the Snapshot one.
Natron folder

   Setup Windows for Natron :   

On every computers of your renderfarm, workstation and clients, you have to setup the path of Natron.exe in the Windows environment variables:
  1. "Start => Control panel => System => Advanced parameters => Environment variables..."
  2. Search for "Path", select then "Modify..."
  3.  Add to the end : ;C:\Programmes\INRIA\Natron\bin
  4. Press OK
Natron environment variable

Tip: restart afrender after each editing of environment variables.

Et voila!
Send whatever Natron job you need with the afstarter (don't forget to precise the name of the write node).

Afanasy afstarter Natron

Afanasy afwatch Natron


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